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The leader of RF systems for defense . 

Founded in 2002, Wwave has been a leader of RF systems for defense. Based on our accumulated experiences and know-how, we are developing and manufacturing Army Navy & Airforce Satellite Information System(ANASIS), Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN), Electronic warfare system, DataLink and control modules. 

We have completed development of the Frequency Synthesizer and Waveform Generator for L-SAM Multi-Function Radar for Surface to Air Defense and are also developing the Frequency Synthesizer of KF-X AESA(Active Electronically Scanned Array) Radar.

We started mass production of HCTRs(High Capacity Trunk Radio), one of the sub-systems of TICN, in 2015 and we are also preparing another TICN sub-system production named TMMR(Tactical Multi-band Multi-role Radio).

With proven capabilities in the RF Systems for defense, we have a commitment to provide the best quality products and technologies.